Ceramic Backsplashes Tiles from AATILE Company for Kitchen

Every houseowners are wondering of having a luxurious and functional kitchen and one of the very important part of the decoration of kitchen is the backsplash, therefore it should be considered carefully. As backsplash tiles can not only protect the wall areas behind the sink and counter areas from splashes that are caused when washing and cooking, but also help to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, so it is quite important for houseowners.

As the backsplash tiles are usually long lasting and they can not only help to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, but also can help to beautify the kitchen. There are limitless possibilities of decorating your kitchen with the ceramic backsplash tile. Since backsplash tiles has various design, and it can be copied from any image to match the designs of your house. These tiles are readily available in AATILE Company. Our backsplash tiles would help you to give a new and unique look to your kitchen.

Ceramic is considered to be the oldest materials in the history of tiles, and they can achieve many purpose as people like. They can be widely used for flooring and wall decoration. They can be used in many application, such as bathroom, living room, kitchen, pool etc. These tiles are easy to maintain and these tiles can be interchanged with other tiles. These tiles can also be presented in the form of the marbles.

Nowadays, ceramic tiles are still very popular. Ceramic backsplash tiles are found in various colors, texture and design. They can be decorated with the help of granite or marble look imitation. They are available in bright as well as in light colors. These tiles can be dull in color or they can be bright in color. You can used these colors to express the mood of your interior design. Kitchen backsplash tiles would help you to make your kitchen very decorative and unique. You can use the traditional ways of decorating your kitchen. These traditional designs would help you to develop originality from these traditional designs. These tiles are available in different sizes but 4″x4″ is the common size which is used for decorating your kitchen.

Ceramic backsplsh tiles for kitchen are available in various shapes and size. When you mix the tiles of different shapes and different size you will find out that you can create a wonderful design. If you hope your kitchen to give a unique look to your guest, just use ceramic wall tiles. AATILE offers various types of shapes of backsplash tiles like hexagons, square, diamond and many other shapes for customers from all over the world. These tiles are available in endless shapes. You can choose design of your choice as you like.

For more information about backsplash tiles for kitchen decoration, just visithttp://www.aatile.com/backsplash-tile_c29.


GSTANK Let Every Raindrop Play Its Value

Water is an extremely important and special natural resource for human survival and production activities. However, serious water crisis, water shortage and water pollution constitute the water crisis has become world’s ecological environment construction and urban development constraints.

The city rainwater utilization is realized through a systematic process, which includes six main steps: rainwater harvesting, rainwater filtration, rainwater dumping, rainwater storage, rainwater purification and rainwater utilization.

In urban construction, paying attention to the development of rainwater collection and utilization projects, saving and using the original rainwater drainage, both can not only increase water resources, but also a good measure to save water. At the same time, due to rainwater collection and utilization of the extensive development, as rainwater is retained or retreated underground, reducing the displacement and reduce the threat of urban floods, so groundwater to cover, the water environment can be improved, the ecological environment can be repaired. It can be said that rainwater collection and utilization is one of the important measures for the sustainable utilization of urban water resources.

Due to the rapid development of urbanization, roads, gardens, landscape, urban residential quarters, large buildings and other impermeable area of the expansion. So the rain will not be able to infiltrate into the ground to supplement groundwater, coupled with the extensive use of groundwater, so that the surrounding urban water environment and ecological deterioration; the other hand, when it rains, the rain had no time to infiltration, if there is no pipe drainage system rapid emissions, the city will face waterlogging, so when the rain comes, it is the time that the sponge city body to play a role.

In the urban construction, the development of rainwater collection and utilization projects is the treatment of “urban disease” recipe as below: ① conservation of groundwater, supplemented by the lack of groundwater. ② purified water. ③ improve the micro-climate. It can be said that rainwater collection and utilization is one of the important measures for the sustainable utilization of urban water resources.

Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited can provide rainwater harvesting planning and design according to the rainwater collection area of customers and suggest the best GSTANK modular soakaway cells for project application. It can help customers to economically use water more economically, unfortunately and rationally, so as to save water and let every raindrop play its value.


LOPO New Online 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panel

LOPO 3D Inkjet terracotta panel has been worshipped and favored by designers since it was lunched to the market, Natural stone texture is natural, solemn and solid, but is limited by color, limited in colors, difficult to be controlled in terms of chromatic aberration, inferior in environmental conservation and prohibitive in price. LOPO 3D inkjet stone terracotta panel is analogous to the verisimilitude effects of natural stones, superior to natural stones in decoration effects and environmental conservation and more privileged in price. It is an ideal substitute of natural stone materials.

With advanced digital inkjet printing technology and great firing techniques, LOPO is able to present life-like patterns(including textures) on terracotta facade panels. LOPO 3D inkjet rainscreen panel can offer not only realistic reproduction of marble and other natural material but also the customized design, which can provide unlimited design options and enhance the aesthetic appeal of facades.

LOPO’s 3D inkjet printer is imported from Italy with 400dpi resolution(an effective resolution of more than 1200dpi), 4 greyscales and drop size larger to 84pL., and it can achieve an amazing replication of natural materials like marble and wood, as well as highly creative new designs. In addition to advanced printer and quality ink, LOPO’s expertise in glazing process and firing techniques are also essential to guarantee the sophisticated effect and durability of tiles.

Terracotta panels are natural and green exterior wall materials, it has unparalleled advantages such as lighter weight, easy installation, recyclable, low maintenance etc. The special-treated surface of inkjet printing has good performance in freeze thaw resistance and color persistence.

LOPO is always devote to offer the best exterior wall facade products to customers and designers, now we have develop 3d inkjet marble texture, granite texture and wood look texture terracotta panel. For more details, please refer to http://www.terracottapanel.com/3d-inkjet-facade-panel_c12.


LOPO Terracotta Wall Tile Project – Huarun University South Campus

The exterior wall of Huarun University south campus is made of terracotta red brick. From brick manufacturers selected to red brick firing process, and from the artificial embossing selection to masonry data monitoring, each step is to use the attitude of excellent, to achieve the Huarun People’s pursuit of high quality.



In order to perfect the construction of China Huarun University, the first step in material selection is very critical in the country as a result of the protection of arable land limit clay production, so manufacturer is almost can not be found with same foreign red brick quality manufacturers. By the China Resources Land Shenzhen Design Management Department repeatedly selected dozens of red brick, and ultimately selected LOPO China as the terracotta product manufacturer, the outcry is the project actually hired the world’s top 5, the “design community Ferrari” (Foster + Partners), the international master Foster also agreed with the LOPO China on the unique “red-brick wall mechanism mechanism” skin program offered by Huarun University.

This special process of curtain wall bricks, by the automatic temperature control tunnel kiln firing with high temperature and dozens of hours, is the ideal green building materials products. Compared with the traditional clay brick, because of its ultra-high temperature for a long time of the firing process, so that the surface is soft and delicate with low water absorption, combined with manual processing, making the bricks both with the rustic texture of the rock surface, while also improve its paving .


The external red wall brick of Huarun University has only one width in the material, which has been streamlined to the extreme, but the material does not mean that the streamlining of the lack of external layering, but need to be perfect in the details.

In order to ensure the layering of the outer wall, a special treatment is carried out on the color of the brick, the color of the brick is controlled by controlling the temperature gradient of the kiln, and the temperature of the kiln is controlled by the temperature from 1200 degrees to 1300 degrees, As the temperature control standard, the kiln time control in the 42-48 hours, nearly 30 times through the model brick production, the final confirmation of the ten architects recognized the appearance of color, and then according to the ratio provided by the architect in the factory pre-row an examination.


The red brick wall surface of Huarun University pursues the natural sense of the rough material, in order to ensure the diversity of the surface pattern, and make the external walls of the overall natural affinity, we use the artificial embossing process in the machine embossed and artificial embossing process selection, Which is a seemingly effect is not obvious, but also increase the cost of the practice, but this is our perfect pursuit of the details. We believe that the artisans and materials in a hammer a dialogue, this irregular texture, but is a more natural existence.

In addition to the pursuit of red brick texture, designers also put forward the “yellowish grainy” appearance requirements in the brick seam , to this end, the project department in the field of eight different mix mortar stencil construction, the final confirmation by the architect made the requirements of gray seam and the color of gray seam. At the same time, in order to ensure that the gray joints in the process of pointing after showing a sense of grain and reduce the cracks in the process of the existence of gray sand, through the screening of 40 around the battlefield and mortar mixing before the use of fine mesh screening screen work, The weekly screen replacement, to ensure uniform sand control mortar controllable.


Through the detailed and measured data to test, seemingly rough irregular red brick contains the project department fine control principles. During the whole process of red terracotta wall tile construction, the project department from the organization of personnel, arrangement of tasks, deepen the design, technical research, confirmation model, coordination of other professional, large-scale construction and other aspects of the work in an orderly arrangement, the final results to the domestic first-class level, Data monitoring are far beyond the design standards.

The construction of Huarun University, the project team from LOPO China shows excellent management level, engineers dedicated and responsible attitude, and made the red brick color, texture and artisans to play the ultimate wisdom, made the implementation of high quality to the office.


Application of Leiyuan Vertical Greening Plant Containers

1.Outdoor plant Wall
The beauty of the city, lies vast majority in the pubic landscape. And as a new generation of three-dimensional green city landscape, the outdoor plant wall with vertical greening plant containers can be tedious original building wall decorated with green, showing a strong green vitality, make the city full of beauty, improve the quality of the environment, improve the city’s ecological environment.


2.Indoor plant Wall
Along with the human needs of the environment continues to improve, air purification becomes more and more important, the green plant itself has the function of automatic conversion of air quality; and the green walls changed the low survival rate of traditional potted plants, maintenance of relatively difficult problems, and retain the potted ferns appearance, greening effect, with the way both for vertical greening business district to save space, and add the decorative.


3.Commercial Premises
The business district is always traffic alarming, air purification and beautification of the environment becomes more and more important, with the three-dimensional green technology progress, and the ecological city requirements increasingly strong, Vertical greening wall with special space in all kinds of building facades and upper space, multi time, multi function development, improve the city thermal effect, beautify the environment and return to nature.


4.Lamppost Application 
Lamppost greening is an important part of city greening, plays an important role in road greening, Leiyuan has developed the corresponding products for common urban lights to meet the needs of various greening engineering. Leiyuan 1/2 semi-circular semicircle plant combined flower planting container is made of high quality HDPE environmental protection material. The product design comes with automatic water and fertilizer with the application of irrigation systems and special for the steel structure and other accessories composition, the product design is safe, reasonable and intelligent; the product comes with automatic water and fertilizer with the application of irrigation systems and special for the steel structure and other accessories, The system can be used for various types of internal and external surface of the building, with water-saving automatic irrigation systems, plant fertilization systems, plant fill light system. Long life, easy to replace, easy construction, used in various types of buildings inside and outside the surface, to provide three-dimensional green full solution.vertical-greening-plant-containers-application-5

5.Guardrail application
With convenient assembly, water storage and drainage function. Two green box around into the saddle, according to the barrier width adjustable, and ride on the rails without other accessories, will not be stolen, and has anti-theft function. Two green box into two layers, can be planted throughout, has strong stereo effect. Long life, easy to replace, easy construction, used in various types of buildings inside and outside the surface, to provide three-dimensional greening solution.


Tiles for Home Flooring and Wall Decoration

Tiles have a number of advantages, so that many home owners prefer to choosing them for flooring. Tiles can also be look great with wall textured, so they are considered as one of the best available options for flooring. Another advantages is because they are easy to maintain as well. You can easily choose the one that suits you need because there are variety of designs and materials. You can choose ceramic tile for flooring or porcelain tiles for your bathrooms or kitchens as they are easy to clean.

As we all known, ceramic tiles are highly durable and resistant. There are different finishes and designs available which can gives you wide enough choice to choose the one that matches your home decor. And because ceramic floor tiles can resist dirt better so cleaning the tiles is so easy, just need water and mop. Ceramic floor tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as they are quite hard and resistant to slipping.

As one of the popular ceramic tiles in these recently hears, wood look ceramic tiles are also available to the home owners and are available in different finish. They are not expensive, easy to maintain, and also available in different finishing as other ceramic tiles. They are easy to install and enjoy a good life that helps in adding to their popularity. If you hope your house to looks more near to nature, wood look tiles is your best choice.

When redecorating your home, it is also important to pay attention to the wall. Wall textured designs are very popular with home owners and complement the tiled flooring well. Many of the home owners are now opting for textured walls that look great. They are easy to clean and maintain as well. If you are looking for wall textured then you can also choose glass coverings that give a textured effect and protect your walls well. You can choose glass coverings for the wall that not only add texture to it but also protect it from damage.

The right kind of wall texture and the right flooring can make a lot of difference in the way your home looks. Choosing the right products can also makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the home.

AATILE Company offers a wide range of high quality tile for flooring and wall,  if you have any interests, just contact us.


How Dose GSTANK Help You Save Cost?

First, 95% hollow structure to save water bills
Using collected rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems has 95% hollow structure, with the sufficient utilization and realizing the fast water storage, the water can be flowed through the modules freely, so most of the water can be collected and re-use.

GS TANK Can be mainly used for rainwater storage, recycle or soakaway. The drainage system and water storage-permeation and filtration system along side the roads, parking lot, water storage and drainage for the ecological shallow ridges, living community, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, viaducts and bridges, park and scenic sport, Think about how much we could save by recycling rainwater for these everyday. So it shall be the necessity for construction of sponge city.

Second, Multiple sizes available to save project Budget
As the leader of the rainwater collection system in China, Leiyuan company’s technical group had the abundant experiences with reasonable professional deployment along with constant innovation and development for many years. To meet with different engineering need, Leiyuan design multiple sizes so as to adapt to the demand of customers’ need. Now there is 250mm, 450mm, 500mm, 530mm, 700mm height for choices. Customers can find the best solution and suitable rainwater harvesting module according to the length, width, height of the project with the help of our salesman so that they can save the budget.

Third, Unique design to save installation time
Leiyuan GS TANK has the features of simple structure, flexible matching and quick installation. Especially the M2016 Series. The columnar structure and cross bonding feature provides a strong, long term installation and also helps to improve the construction speed of the module.

Due to the stackable design of M2016 Series GSTANK, it simplifies delivery, site logistics and installation. Each single injection moulded piece nestles, optimizing logistical and installation cost significantly. The side plates are added to the perimeter of the system for lateral support and top covers are added to ensure consistent vertical support for the cover fill material.

Since GSTANK can save so much cost, it is purchased widely by international customers, mainly exported to the US, Europe and Australia. And with the people around the world has more and more strong sense of environmental protection, rainwater harvesting system is really a good investment. If you have any interests, just contact us!


Unique Superior Characteristics of LOPO Terracotta Wall Tile Materials

First, Natural and Environmental 
Terracotta clay bricks use a variety of clay as the main raw materials, while clay is the product of rock weathering that has gone through millions of years or even millions of years, the composition of the structure is very stable, will not produce secondary weathering cracking. And the clay itself does not contain radioactive material, It will not cause any harm to the human body, so LOPO clay bricks is currently the most environmentally friendly ceramic products on the market.

Second, the Ambient Air Humidity “Regulator”
LOPO clay bricks by physical extrusion molding through the tunnel kiln after dozens of hours of high temperature firing. The product has a certain degree of water absorption. When the rainy comes, the clay brick itself will automatically absorb part of the water and coexist in the body, when the scorching sun, the air is dry, it will automatically save the water slowly distributed out, and it can be a good regulation of air humidity. So when walk in split brick for the exterior Area of the area, there is always the feeling of blowing cool wind.

Third, Production and Application of Low-carbon
LOPO terracotta wall tile with clay, shale and cinder as the raw material by vacuum extrusion molding, natural drying and waste heat drying combined, and then into the tunnel kiln with natural gas fired from high temperature. The entire production process to achieve zero emissions of dust and waste water, carbon emissions to a minimum. In the application process, as split brick does not contain metal material, will not produce static electricity, it is not easy to vacuum, with self-cleaning function. As is known to all, the most important insulating material in aerospace engineering is supported by ceramics; clay is inherently good in thermal insulation. So LOPO split brick can well protect the building from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. Plus the ability to adjust the temperature of the environment and then adjust the temperature. It is really worthy of the whole low-carbon, low-carbon life.

Fourth, Long Lasting Life
Eve is a hundred years, a hundred years have passed, but you will find with LOPO terracotta wall brick decorative external walls of the building is still bright as ever. In fact, history and reality have clearly told us that the Great Wall has gone through two thousand years of wind and rain hymn, at the moment in our vision is still so beautiful. In fact, LOPO clay tile on the choice of materials and the brick wall of the ancient brick has a similar beauty; but in the formula, extrusion molding and firing process has been superior than the original hundreds or even thousands of times. Therefore, in a sense, that LOPO split brick holding a new century is too short, a thousand years is not long.


LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Apply in Business Buildings

As a unique and advanced rainscreen system, terracotta ventilated facade system is widely used as a exterior wall facade decoration materials in recent years. Since terracotta rainscreen panel is made of natural terracotta clay materials, and it has rich color and surface design available, many architects and designers office building and business center prefer to use LOPO Terracotta facade panel. Here is some application projects of LOPO terracotta rainscreen.


Changsha Linkong NO.1 (Office building, business center)
Products Item No.: F451826
Dimension: 450x900x18mm

As an important part in building, curtain wall designing is carefully deliberated in model designing, color match and making technique so as to deliver a charismatic humanistic sentiment. Classical colors and tender textures of LOPO terracotta facade panel frill modern building tower and reduces arrogance and humanistic glamor of skyscrapers and to a clam and unhurried enterprise spirit.


Changsha Xincheng Science and Technology Park
Products Item No.: F501801 F5018886
Dimension: 500x1200x18mm

By ridding the complicated building designing and the succinct designing, terracotta panel empowers more intellectuality, wit and calmness to buildings on. In life, it is forever immersed in the ocean of knowledge and vast science and technology. Sure-footed grey is used to the outer wall of the building, frilling all in a fitting manner with a nonchalant sense of fashion.


Jiangshu Science and Technology Finance Tower
Products Item No.: F301877
Dimension: 300x600x18mm

Jiangshu Science and Technology Finance Tower combines grey terracotta panel with large-scaled glass curtain wall, which intensifies the virtual effects of building lines, demonstrates grandeur and sure-footed natural in the building and brings the business bearing to the full.


GSGRID Keeps Livestock Away from the Muddy Problem

Many customers come and complaint about the muddy problems since many heavily trafficked place like paddock, gated areas, feeding areas are often cause muddy problem constantly. The mud problem is caused by the constant compaction of the ground, eliminating all drainage capability. When the heavily used areas become muddy, and it usually doesn’t take much rain to do so, the animals become dirty which can lead to health problems if they are not kept clean and dry. Cleaning the animals due to the mud adds extra maintenance time to an already arduous day.

It seems that muddy problem is a very distressing problem for some farmers, paddock or equestrian owner, good news is that Leiyuan has design the footing grid system, called GSGRID, which is a an affordable solution to muddy areas caused by repetitive compaction of ground around heavily used areas. And this systems has been proved as the best system for solving muddy problems now and widely used in many countries!

The permeable base of the GSGRID systems allows less footing to be used and lengthens the season considerably, especially pertaining to outdoor, premium riding arenas. Leiyuan GSGRID is a true partner for agriculture and equine facilities. The long lasting results that are immediately apparent are well worth the affordable cost of the product.

GSGRID solves mud problems immediately after installation. The grid is lightweight and can be installed by the farm or barn owner and is lightweight and easy to transport. The grid is climate stable and can be used in areas of extreme temperature both hot and cold. It is a low impact product and is environmentally sensitive, able to be used close to water bodies even for areas of river bed stabilization.

If you are now in the situation of concerning the muddy problem, just contact us! All staffs from Leiyuan Company are very supportive and will provide specialized installation guidelines Of our gravel paving grid to ensure an easily installed, successful project for you.